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We offer four different type of Rigid Signs: PVC(Sintra). Coroplast, Foamcore and Rider Signs.

Rigid Sign Features:

  • Round corners and Grommet options (available on select rigid signs)
  • Available in various quantities and sizes
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor use
Rigid Signs

PVC (Sintra) Signs

PVC (Sintra) Signs

This type of rigid sign is composed of 3mm (1/8") PVC Material - a smooth, bright whitie rigid plastic that is lightweight, yet very durable and weather resistant.. These signs are great for both indoor and outdoor use, and have a low-glare, matte appearance. The print quality is also high so not only can it be used for applications that can be viewed from a distance, it also looks great up close.

Thickness: 3mm (1/8")

Coroplast (4mm or 10mm)

Full Color Coroplast signs

This product is composed of Rigid Coroplast and typically used for yard, parking, real estate and election signs. These rigid signs are waterproof. Coroplast signs are available in sizes ranging from 12" x 12" to 46" x 37". With printing on either one or both sides, Yard Signs can be oriented in landscape or portrait. Although we offer both horizontal and vertical flutes, if your signs need H-Stakes, your rigid coroplast order will have the vertical flutes.

Coroplast Sign Purpose

Typically used for Yard or Parking signs (e.g. Real Estate, Election, Reserved For, etc.) Depending on its use, the material will have to be oriented appropriately to ensure the flutes are vertical, in the case of utilizing an H-stake with the sign. H-stake is best used on a soft ground environment (dirt/soil/grass, etc.). Once printed, this rigid sign may show a linear effect due to its' corrugated flute structure. Ink is UV Cured (dried).

Coroplast Sign Setup

Ensure you have .5" on all sides of your artwork, do not add crops.

Foamcore Signs

Foamcore Signs

Custom printed foamcore signs are uniquely lightweight and the material is the most economical, cost-effective choice among the entire selection of rigid indoor sign materials. It's best for one time used but can last longer with proper care. **NOT WATERPROOF**

3/16" thickness

Foamcore Sign Purpose

This product is composed of Rigid Foamcore and is typically mounted on an easel for presentations. Custom signs made from foamcore are ideal for mounting colorful images in short-term display situations. It can also be used for signs, posters, ect. and is made of a relatively delicate material. Does tend to wilt/bend. Full color, high-resolution images stay vibrant and bright on the matte white surface.  It's best for one time use, but can last longer with proper care. **NOT WATERPROOF**  

Foamcore Sign File Setup

Bleed: ensure you have .5" on all sides of your artwork, do not add crops.

Rider Signs

Full Color Rider Signs

Enhance your advertisement by accompanying your rigid sign with one of our real estate sign riders. Our sign riders are composed of durable, 4 mm corrugated plastic and are printed with high-quality UV Inks to promote long-lasting and sharper images even after many years of use. They are a worthwhile investment with generous returns. Designed to sit atop or "ride" standard Coroplast signs and attached with metal pins. This Product is available with horizontal orientations and vertical flutes.

Sign Rider Purpose

Sign riders can be used for special events, political, social campaigns or to promote your services as a self-employed or independent contractor.