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Wouldn’t it be great to deliver tangible messages to the masses? With Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) you can do just that. EDDM is a cost effective way to get your messaging into the hands of your customers along mail routes. PFL coordinates all aspects of EDDM campaigns, allowing you to kick your feet up and reap the rewards.

Direct Mail

What could be easier than getting your postcards, flyers or catalogs designed, printed and mailed without having to touch them? Direct mailing campaign is now easier than ever. It will help drive traffic to your store front and to your website, and will reach customers who are not online.

  • Standard Mailing Services
    • Data Process One (1) List ($25 each additionall list)
    • C.A.S.S. Certification
    • De-Duplicating Address
    • Pre-Sorting & USPS documentation
    • Ink-Jet Setup & Addressing
    • Post Office Delivery
  • Optional Mailing Services
    • Double Tabbing
    • Sticker Labels
    • Fulfillment Services
    • Envelope Stuffing
  • Most popular Mailers:
    • Brochures with Direct Mailing
    • Postcards with Direct Mailing