Logo Design

At Pro-File Marketing we offer custom logo design services. The below examples of custom logo designs were created for businesses and organizations in Las Vegas and throughout the United States.

Why Use Our Logo Design Service

• We have professional logo designers working on your custom logo

• We provide you with multiple logo design options for you to choose from

• We ask you to fill out our Branding Questionnaire to better understand your company needs.

• Our professional logo design is affordable

• We do not use logo design templates

• We provide you with vector graphics, which is scalable to any size. Make it small to put it on imprinted pens, or make it big for a building sign - you will never lose sharpness and detail of your custom art.

Logo Design Process
Understanding Your Business

Before we can design a beautiful logo, we have to understand your business. It is an essential part of corporate identity and logo development. We will send you a Branding Questionnaire, so you can tell us about yourself.

Listen To Your Ideas

If you have ideas on how you want us to design your company logo, you are welcome to send us logo sketches or tell us verbally about what you envision for your company's logo design.

Creating Multiple Concepts

Next, we start research and brainstorming in our logo design studio, which results in multiple logo sketches. Sometimes we go through dozens of company logo design ideas in order to provide you with the best 2 or 3 concepts.

Design Proposal

We send these custom logo designs to you for review. Usually it does not take more than 2 rounds of revisions to complete the logo design.

Free Logo Design

We often hear "I will design my own logo". While we always welcome all ideas from our customers, we believe that you get what you pay for. Yes, there are free online logo design services, but we call them "choose your clip art" service. There is no guarantee that you will not see a logo just like yours on the building across the street. This "do it yourself logo design" is free, but not necessarily successful. Would you cut your own hair, even if you had professional scissors?

We are one of those logo design companies, who puts time and a lot of thought into what will be the main representation of your company.

What Kind of Logos Do You Create?

Auto LogosFitness LogosOffice Products Logos
Baby/Children Products LogosFood and Drink LogosPrinting Company Logos
Band and Recording Artist LogosFunding LogosOrganic Products Logos
Bank LogosGraphic Design LogosPets and Animal Product Logos
Beauty ProductsHome and Household Products LogosPhotography Company Logos
Business Consultants LogosKitchen Products LogosProperty Management Company Logos
Car Logos Church Logos | Religious LogosInternet LogosReal Estate Company
Church LogosInsurance LogosRestaurant and Cafe Logos
City Landmark LogosInvestment Capital LogosRetail Shop Logos
Cleaning Logos | Maintenance LogosLandscaping Logos | Lawn Care LogosSalon and Spa Logos
Clothing Logos | Fashion LogosAttorney Logos | Legal LogosSmall Business Logos
Construction LogosManufacturing Logos | Engineering LogosSoftware Logos
Corporate LogosMarketing Logos | Advertising Company LogosTechnology Logos
Credit LogosMedical Logos | Healthcare LogosSports Logos
Education LogosMortgage Company LogosSalon Logos
Electronic Products LogosMusic Logos | Media LogosTravel Logos
Fashion LogosNetworking and Communication LogosTransportation Logo
Financial Companies LogosNon-Profit Organization Logos

    5 star review  Maria was very helpful! She even helped adjust the light in the photo on my cards so the colors would look better on the final product. Prices were extremely competitive, the turnaround time was even quicker than she promised, and she hand delivered the business cards I ordered. They are very sturdy, feel great in my hand, and colors are crisp! I will be ordering brochures as well and she provided info on some practical design adjustments that I can make to make the brochures line up perfectly when they're folded. Very impressed!

    thumb Yelena Kaplan