Why is my logo blurry

Why Is My Logo Blurry?

Why is my logo blurry

“Why is my logo blurry on the website?” is the question one of our clients asked while trying to build a website for her business. The reason the logo gets blurry is that there are not enough pixels to make it appear sharp. So, what is the resolution you need for the logo to be used on a website?

Logo resolution

You have probably heard that files for online use need to be 72 dpi and files for printing need to be 300 dpi. That is exactly what our client referred to while saving her logo for the website. But the logo was still blurry. The reason for that is the original file was created at a small size (about 2″ wide). What this means is that at 72 dpi the logo becomes only 144px wide. This is too small even for the website usage.

Logo Size Conversion table

File Size / Resolution 72 dpi 150 dpi 300 dpi
2″ wide 144 px 300 px 600 px
4″ wide 288 px 600 px 1200 px
6″ wide 432 px 900 px 1800 px
8″ wide 576 px 1200 px 2400 px
10″ wide 720 px 1500 px 3000 px
Legend Resolution is too low for most applications Resolution is safe for online usage Resolution is high enough for printing

As you can see from the logo size conversion table, the actual file size depends not only on the resolution, but on the art board measurements as well. So, the formula to calculate the true file size in pixels is:

File size in inches  x  Resolution = True File Size

How to find the measurements of the logo?

To find the true size of your logo, locate the logo file on your hard drive. Right click and select “Properties” (or “Get Info” on Mac computers). You will then see the file measurements (762 px x 400 px or something similar)

How to fix low resolution logo?

If you still have the original file that was used to create the logo, you are in luck (more than likely):
1. You can enlarge the art board area (if it was 3″, make it, for example, 10)
2. Export at higher resolution (use the logo size conversion table above to figure out which resolution you need to save the file at)

If you don’t have the original file, things become more complicated. You can’t just make the dpi settings higher. You will end up with the quality like in the image on top of this page where the logo was enlarged from 72 to 300 dpi. Your logo needs to be re-created (re-drawn in vector format so it can be scaled to any size). If you can’t contact the designer and the original files have been lost, contact us. We do offer logo re-creation services.

What is the best logo format for the website?

If the background color on your website is not white, then you will need a transparent .png file with at least 400px wide (regardless of resolution). If the website has a white background, then you can use a .jpg file with at least 400px in width.

When someone creates a logo for you (or if you do it yourself), make sure you get the final logo in the following formats:
– true vector file (.pdf or .eps);
– color (CMYK mode);
– color (RGB mode);
– grayscale;
– black ink only;
– raster files (.jpg, .tiff)  in both color and B&W with resolution of 3000 dpi, 1200 dpi, and 600 dpi;
– transparent (.png) files with the above resolution.

You should have at least a dozen of files with your logo. Having logo in variety of formats will allow you to use it seamlessly throughout different media.


If you have a logo that appears blurry on the website, we can convert it for you into all formats and sizes for your future use. We will provide you with a vector version so you can make it as big as you want, even to be printed on a billboard! Prices start at $30.


Las Vegas Business Card designer

Las Vegas Logo Design and Business Card Design

Las Vegas Logo Design

Last week we have received a request for a logo design and business card design from a local Las Vegas HVAC business. The customer had a couple of logos, the look of which he liked and would like his logo design to move in a similar direction.


Every Logo Design process starts with the initial consultation. During the discussion, the customer mentioned that he would like to keep red, blue, and green colors and some kind of logo symbol that would represent hot and cold air along with the green energy (possibly a green leaf). Here are the sample logos that were provided:

Las Vegas Logo Design for HVAC
Las Vegas Logo Design for HVAC
Las Vegas Logo Design for HVAC
Las Vegas Logo Design for HVAC

First Logo Draft

In 2 days, we have created several initial logo design concepts:


Las Vegas HVAC custom logo design
Las Vegas HVAC custom logo design
Las Vegas HVAC custom logo design
Las Vegas Custom logo design for a new business

1. In the first logo the symbol represents "E" & "A" combined into a shape of the thermostat dial

2. In this logo hot and cold air are represented by arrows moving in a circular motion around the temperature scale representing green energy

3. The logo represents a thermostat button with hot and cold settings along with the flowing air

4. "E" & "A" are once again combined into one symbol that represents a On & Off button. The choice of logo colors and fonts is more modern in this version.

Logo Mock-ups

Besides the above concepts we provided several mock-ups that show how the logo will look in different applications :

Custom Logo Design (Las Vegas, NV) Custom Logo Design (Las Vegas, NV)
Custom Logo Design (Las Vegas, NV) Custom Logo Design (Las Vegas, NV)


Second Logo Draft

Although the customer was satisfied with the above logo design concepts, he asked us to create one more version of the logo that would resemble a water drop and include a leaf. So here is what we came with:

Las Vegas Logo Design


The customer was very happy with this logo design and approved it without any changes. The next step was to design business cards.

Business Card Design

The next day the customer received the following business card designs:

Business Card Design #1Las Vegas Business Card designer Business Card Design #2Las Vegas Business Card designer
Business Card Design #3 Business Card Design #4Las Vegas Business Card designer
Business Card Design #5Las Vegas Business Card designer Business Card Design - Back SideLas Vegas Business Card designer

During the design process we've noticed that the provided text read "Air Condition & Heating", so when the business card design proposal was sent for a review, we suggested to change the wording to "Air Conditioning" and included the corrected wording on the last concept of the business card design.

Here is the response we received:
"Those all look great. I will need to take some time to pick the one I like (gonna be tough). You are correct it should be Air Conditioning."

The next day the customer approved Version #5 along with the back side without any changes! The cards are now in production and soon they will help this Las Vegas business owner market his new business.

Do you need a business card?

Call us if your business needs a new design or re-design of the logo and/or business card, Pro-File Marketing is here to help! 702-233-6939 or contact us here.

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Business Card Redesign example - Business Card Before and After

Business Card Redesign – Could you use one?

Recently we received a print order for business cards. The customer said that she designed the card herself and the print file was ready to go. Once we received the file,  we knew it was a perfect case for Business Card Redesign.

The design didn’t represent customer in a professional manner. First of all, the card used way too many colors. Second, there were different fonts in different sizes, all of which varied from line to line. It looked like it was designed for a kids party planning business rather than a family and business protection specialist. Since the customer designed the card herself, it meant that she was happy with it.

Business Card Redesign example - Business Card Before and After

Suggesting a business card redesign in this situation is quite tricky: we need to show that there’s room for improvement without hurting cutomer’s feelings. So, we just went ahead and redesigned the existing business card utilizing the same information, but gave it a cleaner look.  Customer loved the newly designed business card and didn’t have one change to it.

As you can see, at Pro-File Marketing we don’t just print business cards. We review every order we receive, talk to our customers about their needs, and then make suggestions based on our knowledge of graphic design and printing principals. Is it time for your business card to be updated or redesigned? Call us today: 866-580-1230.

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