Case Study: Pro-File Marketing’s Successful Execution of a High-Volume Branded Cup Order for NADA Conference Event


Pro-File Marketing, a renowned marketing company based in Las Vegas, recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Imprint Group, a reputable event planning company, for a high-profile event – the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) conference opening reception. Imprint Group, responsible for organizing the event at the Sphere in Las Vegas, required 15,000 branded cups to enhance the attendee experience. These cups were to feature the logos of the event’s eight sponsors, each with varying quantities based on their sponsorship level.

rush order of branded cup company in Las Vegas


The project presented several key challenges, including tight timelines, varying quantities, and the need for precise coordination to ensure that the cups were delivered in pristine condition to the event venue. Additionally, some sponsor logos were not provided in print-ready formats, necessitating design adjustments.

rush order of custom plastic cups in Las Vegas

The Timeline

The initial request from Imprint Group was received on a Tuesday late morning. This left Pro-File Marketing with only 48 hours to produce and deliver 15,000 branded cups to the Sphere in Las Vegas.

Customized cups printing Las Vegas

Customization and Coordination

One of the complexities of this project was the customization of cups for eight different sponsors. Each sponsor had a unique quantity requirement based on their sponsorship level, which ranged from a few hundred to several thousand cups. Pro-File Marketing’s team quickly went to work, ensuring that the logos of all sponsors were faithfully reproduced and accurately placed on the cups.

Logo vectorization for cups

In-House Design Expertise

An additional challenge emerged when it was discovered that some of the sponsor logos were not in print-ready formats. Rather than burdening the sponsors with requests for vector versions of their files, Pro-File Marketing leveraged its in-house design team’s expertise. This team skillfully adjusted the logos, ensuring they met the necessary print standards without compromising on quality or clarity.

Communication throughout the order process

Constant Communication

Throughout the project, Pro-File Marketing maintained open and direct communication with the event organizer at Imprint Group. This constant communication allowed for real-time updates on the progress of the order and its delivery status. Any questions, changes, or concerns were addressed promptly to ensure that the client’s expectations were met.

Rush custom cup order execution (Las Vegas, NV)


The production process began immediately after the order was received. Pro-File Marketing’s experienced team efficiently managed the customization of cups, ensuring high-quality printing and attention to detail. Simultaneously, logistics were carefully coordinated to guarantee the cups’ timely delivery.

Promotional product delivery to the venue in Las Vegas


The most critical aspect of the project was the on-time delivery of 15,000 branded cups to the Sphere in Las Vegas. Pro-File Marketing’s courier delivered the cups directly to the venue’s loading dock within the specified 48-hour timeframe. The cups arrived in perfect condition, ready to enhance the NADA conference opening reception.

successful promotional cup order delivery in Las Vegas


Pro-File Marketing’s meticulous planning, efficient execution, and effective communication led to the successful completion of this high-volume project. The cups featuring sponsors’ logos were delivered on schedule, meeting Imprint Group’s expectations and enhancing the overall experience for attendees of the NADA conference.


Client Satisfaction

Imprint Group expressed great satisfaction with the quality of the branded cups and the seamless delivery process. Pro-File Marketing’s ability to meet tight deadlines, handle complex customization requirements, and address logo format issues strengthened the relationship between the two companies.

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