Sip and Succeed: The Power of Promotional Drinkware at Las Vegas Tradeshows

In the bustling landscape of Las Vegas tradeshows, where businesses compete for attention in the vibrant sea of exhibits, the choice of promotional giveaways becomes extremely important. Promotional drinkware is a versatile and effective choice among the myriad options available. The allure of a stylish and branded water bottle or leak-proof travel mug can extend beyond the event, leaving a lasting impression on potential clients and partners.

Pros of using promotional drinkware for a Las Vegas tradeshow

FACT: The average annual percentage of humidity in Las Vegas is 31% (June average – 17%!)

One of the key advantages of using promotional drinkware is its practicality. Attendees at tradeshows often find themselves parched from navigating the expansive exhibit halls. By providing them with a branded water bottle or a sleek travel mug, businesses address a basic need and ensure that their logo and message are prominently displayed throughout the event. This constant visibility can significantly enhance brand recall in attendees’ minds during the event, fostering a connection well beyond the tradeshow floor when your branded bottle will travel back home with the attendees to all corners of the country or even the world!

FACT: On average, promotional drinkware will generate 1,400 impressions during its lifetime.

Promotional drinkware has a longer lifespan compared to many other giveaways. Unlike low-cost items that may be discarded after a cursory glance, a well-designed water bottle or mug can become a daily companion for the recipient for years to come. This extended use ensures that the brand remains in the recipient’s mind, creating a continuous marketing impact long after the tradeshow has concluded. 

Branded bottles for Las Vegas events

Cons of using promotional drinkware for a Las Vegas tradeshow

While the benefits of promotional drinkware are numerous, it’s essential to consider some challenges, such as storage during the event. Booth space is often limited, and storing bulk quantities of drinkware can be a logistical concern. For example, 1 box with 25 bottles can measure about 20″ x 20″ x 12″ (50x50x30 cm), and weigh up to 30lbs (14kg).

However, this challenge can be mitigated by opting for collapsible or stackable options or drinkware with a  smaller diameter and without a handle – they take up minimal space when not in use. Additionally, businesses can strategically distribute drinkware throughout the event rather than displaying all items simultaneously, ensuring a steady flow of giveaways without overwhelming the booth with excess inventory. We also offer a split delivery if your booth space does not allow for all items at once.

NOTE: All products brought to your booth by the show-dedicated vendor are charged per-pound. You will be responsible for this fee unless you bring each box by hand. Every show has its own rate per pound, so please check with the show organizer so you’re not caught off-guard with extra charges on-site.

In conclusion, promotional drinkware proves to be a potent tool for businesses participating in Las Vegas tradeshows or any event, for that matter. Its practicality, longevity, and branding potential make it a standout choice among promotional items. While storage concerns may arise, savvy planning and a thoughtful approach can transform this potential drawback into a manageable aspect of a successful tradeshow strategy. So, let your brand make a splash with promotional drinkware – the sip that keeps on giving!

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