Healthcare Promotions – Breast Exam Charts, Self-Exam Charts, Calculators, Bath Water Testers

Healthcare promotional products las vegas

We offer variety of promotional items for the health care industry:

  • Breast Exam Charts
    • Monthly punch-outs cards – a perfect aid in remembering to complete the exam each month. Stock exam info and images.
    • Shower charts – vinyl plastic, pre-printed in reflex blue on front and back
    • Self-Exam Bookmarks – Preprinted in black and pink on the front and back in English or Spanish. Front – instructions indicating when and why to do the breast self-exams. Back – simple, easy to follow instructions on how to do the actual exam
  • Self-Exam Charts
    • Eye Charts
    • Breast Self-Exam Charts
    • Testicular Self-Exam Chart
  • Health Charts
  • Pregnancy Calculators
  • Bath Water Testers
  • Stress Testing Products
  • Clip Strip Multi-note Holder
  • Custom Badges
  • Custom breast self-exam shower chart
  • custom breast self-exam shower chart
  • promotional breast self-exam card