Business Card Redesign – Could you use one?

Recently we received a print order for business cards. The customer said that she designed the card herself and the print file was ready to go. Once we received the file,  we knew it was a perfect case for Business Card Redesign.

The design didn’t represent customer in a professional manner. First of all, the card used way too many colors. Second, there were different fonts in different sizes, all of which varied from line to line. It looked like it was designed for a kids party planning business rather than a family and business protection specialist. Since the customer designed the card herself, it meant that she was happy with it.

Business Card Redesign example - Business Card Before and After

Suggesting a business card redesign in this situation is quite tricky: we need to show that there’s room for improvement without hurting cutomer’s feelings. So, we just went ahead and redesigned the existing business card utilizing the same information, but gave it a cleaner look.  Customer loved the newly designed business card and didn’t have one change to it.

As you can see, at Pro-File Marketing we don’t just print business cards. We review every order we receive, talk to our customers about their needs, and then make suggestions based on our knowledge of graphic design and printing principals. Is it time for your business card to be updated or redesigned? Call us today: 866-580-1230.

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